My Story
I am a Cornish wildlife artist living and working in the village of Lanlivery in rural Cornwall. Inspired by the woods, fields, hedgerows and rivers, I have been strongly influenced by the natural world for as long as I can remember. I spent the summers of my childhood marvelling at the tall trees and little creatures in the fields behind my grandparents' house. I have an affinity for the relationships between flora and fauna, and our rich passing seasons.

I studied Fine Art and Graphics: Illustration A Level at Truro College and subsequently completed my Art and Design Foundation Diploma at St Austell College. Since my college qualifications, I have been a self-taught artist.

The journey that led me to become an artist full-time was far from idyllic. In early 2016 I was taken to hospital where I had emergency surgery on my abdomen. Various sections of my intestines were found to be badly inflammed, ulcerated, and in one area, perforated. the damaged areas were removed and the diagnosis was that I had Crohn's Disease which is a form of IBD. Throughout the year that followed having Crohn's meant I struggled to hold down my busy job in retail and in February 2017, I left my job and became self-employed.  It's been a difficult journey, physically, emotionally, and financially, but it's the most satisfying work I have ever done. I also allows me the flexibility I require to cope with my condtion during flare-ups and attend frequent hospital appointments. In addition to Crohn's Disease and the various deficiencies it causes, I also suffer from Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency and I have a leaky mitral valve in my heart.

Thickets Studio
I am often found drawing in my self-made studio, nestled at the bottom of the garden which looks out onto the meadow providing a diverse habitat for much of the wildlife that inspires my work. Started in December of 2016 and completed over several months, Thickets Studio been a labour of love and it continues to be a beautiful and inspiring place to work.

When I am not in my studio I enjoy wandering with my camera, gathering inspiration for more drawings, in the rambling woods, ivy-entwined ruins, wild coasts, and along the dappled rivers of my beloved Cornwall.

When you buy a piece of artwork from me, you are also supporting the conservation of Cornwall's beautiful and precious wildlife. Discover how by visiting my Conservation page. I also do what I can to ensure that my art materials, printing processes and suppliers share my eco-friendly ethos.
Creative Process
I surround myself with the references I need in the form of nature books, online images and my own photographs whenever possible. I sketch a detailed composition in pencil on coldpress watercolour paper before gradually adding layers of detail and colour using fineliner pens and watercolour. Much of my previous works were made using a stippling technique and Faber-Castell PITT pens, the resulting effect is not unlike Pointllism in appearance. Both techniques are delicate and meticulous processes which take many hours to complete.

I frequently update my Instagram account with pictures of my artwork in progress as well as other updates from my garden studio.

The above image was taken of me in my studio by Sarah Clement when we met in 2017. A blog entry of her visit can be found here.

Keep up to date with the day-to-day workings from my artist studio via my Instagram account, featured below.

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Wildlife art from Cornwall.

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